Monday, June 13, 2016

Impressive results of the .GDN Registry

I read many times that a high domain name registration volume is not a key to the success of a new gTLD. Well, I disagree: offering new domain names at a low price is a development strategy like another: it is an communication investment that pays. The .CLUB Registry has demonstrated that already with a strong investment budget in communication and a fair price for its domain name. The result now is that, not only it has become the reference for Clubs but clubs of all kinds...have turned to buying these domain names.

What about the .GDN Registry?
The strategy for the .GDN new gTLD seems to be a little different since there are still few Registrars to be accredited yet (with more coming little by little). This week, we noticed a change in registration volumes from the Registry with an important increase. Last week (on week 23), there were 29,259 domain names registered. This is not so bad for a Registry which launched with few Registrars accredited. This week (week 24), there are 65,795 domains registered.
Reminder about ".GDN" : it stands for "Global Domain Name", it is ultra cheap, it is a short Top-Level Domain with 3 letters and comes in direct competition with ".com" offering many free domains to register.

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