Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New domains won’t get cheaper: really?

I just read another negative article about new gTLDs and, if I admit that I did not read it until the end (long articles are rarely read until the end), I think it can be a good read on the SEO part.

The title is wrong
New gTLDs (and we are talking about "new domain names" here, not "new domain name extensions" ("new gTLDs" stands for "new generic Top-Level Domains" = first level domain = the domain name extension = different from the second level domain name which comes right before the last dot in a domain name. Got it? ;-)
But let's just not focus on a title but on the content of the article which seems to explain why new domain names "are going not going to be cheaper".

The story
The title is wrong because another registry just announced the opposite for its list of domain name extensions.

In the beginning of March 2017, a multiple Registry announced a price increase (read "Is this a death spiral for new top level domain names?") which caused many domain name investors to criticize that move: when you have purchased domain names, it is the registry who decides about the price. The registrar HAS to follow. He is the one to tell his client - the domain name investor - that he will have to pay more. So this is negative for everybody and in particular for the person to renew the domain names.

The reality
Very recently, another "multiple registry" (a company to operate several new gTLDs), announced the opposite: a serious price decrease. Boston Ivy is specialized in financial domain name extensions (".FOREX" - ".BROKER" - ".MARKETS" - ".TRADING") and published this:
  1. domain ending in ".broker": legacy price = $500. New price = $20
  2. domain ending in ".forex": legacy price = $1,000. New price = $30
  3. domain ending in ".markets": legacy price = $40. New price = $10
  4. domain ending in ".trading": legacy price = $50. New price = $12
Why investing now is a good move
So yes...domain investors can keep investing in legacy ".com" domain names at huge prices but targeting financial TLDs, in particular when there are so few domain names registered, can be a good move and the reason is simple: short and generic domain names - the most valuable domain names when it comes to investing in domain names - are available to register.

The announcement is available here.

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