Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The new gTLD info for Wednesday, May 11th

We are completing our reports and adding .BRAND domain name extensions. For example, our report related to FINANCE new domain name registration volumes has been completed with Banks who acquired their own domain name extension. These .BRAND can be identified with a "®" sign next to them.
  1. Article - ".GDN" domain names: the next “.COM”?
  2. Interesting - Looking Back on the First Round of New gTLD Applications: Implications for Trademarks and Freedom of Expression;
  3. Specialized Domain Names: The Secret Weapon for Boosting Sales?
  4. New gTLD reports (weekly updates):
    1. New generic Top-Level Domains related to SPORT;
      (the .GAME new gTLD was added to the report)
    2. New generic Top-Level Domains related to ALCOHOL.
      (the .REHAB new gTLD was added to the report)
  5. Must read - Report on active Brand Top-Level Domains;
  6. There are now 1,300 new gTLDs;
  7. Domain name "" was sold for $38,000 !
  8. Multiple Registry predicts $75m new gTLD revenues;
  9. More coming by the end of the day (newsletter sent at 8PM CET).
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