Thursday, March 10, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday the 10th

  • .BAR, .BEER, .CLUB, .VODKA Registries;
  • INTERESTING - New gTLDs: Don’t just look at the most controversial;
  • Creating your logo? Don't forget to add your new domain name!
  • NEW - ICANN: report on ICANN55 in Marrakech (CENTR);
  • GAC Marrakech Communique (new gTLD section):
    • Board-GAC exchange on gTLD safeguards;
    • Future gTLD rounds timing (the GAC to advise the ICANN Board).
  • Launch Hackathon 2016 Joins the .CLUB;
  • Multiple Registry has now 700,000+ new domains on the market;
  • Do new gTLDs suit your business?
  • BOOK - ICANN, New GTLDS, And The Protection Of Intellectual Property (with a stupid "free" registration process where your debit card number will be asked);
  • Registrar: "eat your own dog food" ;-) [.win new gTLD].
  • More coming...

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