Tuesday, November 3, 2020

.BEST to reinforce partnership with Backend

The .Best Registry today announced that is reinforcing its strategic partnership with Backend Registry provider before launching THE.Best social commerce innovation.

"As we are now close to the Best social commerce app launch, we have decided to strengthen our backend operations to support our .Best domains distribution from the Best app” said Cyril FREMONT, Chief Executive Officer of the .Best Registry and THE.Best social commerce".

.Best Registry will be the first Top-Level Domain to distribute .Best domains from the Best app. 

THE.Best social commerce onboarding already started with social media early-adopters: Cyril.Best, Hotels.Best, Adrien.Best, Julian.Best, Alexandra.Best, Christophe.Best, Joao.Best, Pizzas.Best, Sonia.Best, Miami.Best, Foodlover.Best, Fashionista.Best, Jesuis.Best, Cars.Best, Foodvegas.Best, Chaussures.Best, Jean.Best, Fabrice.Best, Heloise.Best, Stephane.Best, Luxe.Best, Music.Best, Games.Best, Kevin.Best, Emilyinparis.Best, Hotels.Best, Watch.Best, Trailer.Best, Djs.Best, Luxury.Best, Foodparis.Best, Wines.Best, Show.Best, Book.Best, Laptops.Best, Spas.Best, Karim.Best, Maillotdefoot.Best, Parisien.Best, Foodnyc.Best, Steven.Best, Valerie.Best, Foodla.Best, Restaurants.Best, …

About .Best (Top-Level Domain): .Best (THE BEST SAS) is the Registry Operator for .Best domain names and already counts +100K .Best live domains registered in 180 countries.

.Best mission is to develop THE.Best social commerce as a new rewarded social media solution for 4B social media users and a new promotion and e-commerce opportunity for brand & business owners.

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