Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Car Manufacturers use .BRAND new gTLDs

I first wanted to entitle this post "Cars and new gTLDs: volumes" but generally speaking, domain name registration volumes from this group are not very exciting BUT for a few car Trademarks. This publication is based on figures from the September/October CARS new gTLD report from Jovenet Consulting.

One .BRAND created 1,300 domains
This is the list of Trademarks (specification 13 new gTLD applications) to have created between 100 to 1,300 domain names for their own use. The .BRAND new gTLDs concerned are:
  1. .AUDI created 1,300 domain names;
  2. .SEAT created 628 domains;
  3. .MINI created 326 domains;
  4. .LAMBORGHINI created 197 domains;
  5. .BMW created 117 domains (I really like that one).
If all of these domain names are truly paid by these Trademarks, but not sold to the public, they are used for SEO strategies and to improve the company's brand value.

Singular VS Plural Car new gTLDs
Some new gTLDs allowing domain names to be sold to the public exist in two versions: the singular and the plural one. The extensions concerned are:
  1. The .AUTO and .AUTOS new gTLDs
  2. The .CAR and .CARS new gTLDs
It just DOES NOT WORK in terms of number of creations and the main reason for this is their ultra high price, also, one of them still has restrictions. Try at your Registrar and see. Note that a Registry with a low volume of domain names can be profitable if you add to this the number of Premium domain names registered. My personal thought is that you create a niche Registry because you want an entire industry to use your domain name, not just a portion of it. Three out of four of these TLDs lost registrations since January 2018.

This is one figure that I don't understand: there si a market for domain names ending in ".tires". Domain name registrations have increased up to 1,130 creations for this TLD since January 2018 when they've kept decreasing for .LIMO for the past 6 months.

Read the report here.

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !