Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Seeking partners for a US based next round new gTLD project!

Dear colleagues,

As most of you know I co-founded .BERLIN in 2005 (delegated by now) and the SFO-based community priority applicant for .gay in 2009 (still fighting with ICANN).

Since a few month I am initiating the creation of a D.C. based, non-profit, public benefit new gTLD application with positive social and monetary impact aimed at keeping and bringing back business into the United States.

With both .BERLIN and .GAY we went public from the inception of the project - partly because we had to garner substantial support. The same will be true for this new project - but it is a few month too early to go entirely public.

The suggested new gTLD will positively impact the United States – especially the U.S. economy, the Internet User, the American business community, the Intellectual Property community and U.S. law enforcement. It is also a complete new take on the distribution of domains and has built into it and is based on a wholly new marketing approach.

If the project description sounds interesting: Please get back to me via private message - or find my contact details at! I am not excluding non-U.S. entities – but American entities would make the most sense. I am looking for ICANN veterans for the board, ICANN Sherpas for facilitating the actual work (and it is a LOT of work as it will have the biggest support base of all applications to date) and last not least "investors" who are not only looking for "ROI" but believe in the U.S. and want to contribute something positive to their country helping Americans to better and safer navigate the Internet.

Thank you,

Alexander Schubert

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