Thursday, May 1, 2008

Melbourne IT acquires Verisign

When the giant comes out.

I like to comment news about he domain name industry and here is an interesting one: I worked for one of Verisign and Melbourne IT's direct competitor.

Large Corporate registrars tend to open their knowledge to the brand itself (with monitoring for instance and other complementary products): isn't the domain name the first entry point to introduce your brand online? Large Coporations have understood such a need to link domain name to brand management: it is easier, it faster, it reduces the number of contacts to deal with at the service provider.

Verisign was one of the first Corporate Registrar to come with a complete offer. Today is "rare" to find serious Coporate Registrars who are able to manage domain name portfolios. With the knowledge I have of the Corporate market: Melbourne IT was a competitor at the time I worked for a Corporate registrar and so was Verisign DBMS. Today, it is a serious one.

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