Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Résultat des votes

Un sondage intitulé "Quelle extension de nom de domaine pour la communauté du vin sur Internet ?" est en cours sur le très sérieux réseau LinkedIn :

65 votants à ce jour.

.WOW TLD Project ?

I check the press and I read the video game "World Of Warcraft" counts 11.5 registered users. Players monthly pay to have an account and play WOW online. I also read players pay for virtual goods within the game.
Wouldn't they want to pay to be identified as a WOW player with a specific domain name ? To publish their profile for example : www.avatar.WOW.

My .WOW concept consists in allowing players to register their .WOW domain name within the game.

Note I am open to develop this great communication project with BLIZZARD.

Did I say "communication" ?

Just imagine 11.5 registered users promoting the game "World Of Warcraft" in their URL and ... be listed in Google. Cheaper than TV communication isn't it ?

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