Thursday, January 12, 2012

Final applicant guidebook (V9) is finally OUT.

Available in English only, final version of the applicant guidebook is out today and available here:

The changes between previous version (8) and version 9:

  1. GAC early warning  (;
  2. Initial evaluation (;
  3. Receipt of GAC advice on new gTLDs (;
  4. Subsequent application rounds (1.1.6);
  5. Eligibility (1.2.1);
  6. Required documents (1.2.2);
  7. Resources for applicant (1.2.10);
  8. IDN tables (1.3.2);
  9. Submitting an application (1.4);
  10. gTLD evaluation fee (1.5.1);
  11. Refunds (1.5.1);
  12. String requirements for IDNs (;
  13. Review procedure for geographic names (;
  14. Customary services (;
  15. Geographic names extended evaluation (2.3.1);
  16. Registry services extended evaluation (2.3.3);
  17. Panel selection process (2.4.2);
  18. Annex to module 2: separable country names list;
  19. Attachment to module 2: evaluation questions and criteria. Many modifications here;
  20. GAC advice on new gTLDs (3.1);
  21. Dispute resolution service providers (3.2.3);
  22. Filling procedures (3.3);
  23. Dispute resolution costs (3.4.7);
  24. Contention resolution and contract resolution (4.4);
  25. Attachment to module 5: gTLD registry agreement.  Many modifications here;
  26. Terms and conditions (5-6-8-14).
Interested in going fast: here is the direct link to the Summary of Changes to the Applicant Guidebook

Apply NOW for your Top-Level Domain(s)

TAS is the name of the Top-Level Domain Application System User Registration. To apply for your domain name extension, you will need to submit your entire application through this tool and pay the fees.

Not ready? still have 3 months to prepare and find:
  • "Money" and a good bank account;
  • A back end registry provider for your technical operations;
  • Lawyer(s);
  • A service provider unless you operate your entire TLD yourself;
  • A service provider for your communication: PR and marketing (unless you want to do it yourself);
  • A DNS service provider unless you have your own network but I doubt it;
  • "Sellers" or Registrars unless you do not plan to sell domain names;
  • An external validation agent;
  • An escrow provider because ICANN wants to;
  • Someone able to manage auctions if part of your plans are to auction domain names.
Good luck.

nb: TAS opened today.

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