Thursday, May 30, 2013

New gTLD applicant creates Governance Councils

Famous Four Media, an applicant for multiple extensions just created a series of Governance Councils to "govern" new Registries to be created.

Many of these strings are in competition and none have yet been allocated to any applicant: 
  • .BOOK
  • .CHAT
  • .DIET
  • .GAME
  • .HOTEL
  • .MOVIE
  • .MUSIC
  • .NEWS
  • .POKER
  • .RUGBY
  • .SPORT
  • .TAXI
  • .WINE
  • ... 
You will probably like to read why “The .Health Governance Council will be an essential part of the .Health gTLD” on, followed with a few questions of mine to its representative which have not yet been answered. Also .HEALTH competitor Donuts shares about his competitor's Governance Council on LinkedIn (20+ comments).

The list of Governance Councils can be found down this page :

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