Friday, July 22, 2016

More and more new gTLDs are delegated

You probably noticed that many new gTLDs are (and keep) being delegated during the holidays. According to each new delegation,we add gTLDs to the right report. The .SWIFTCOVER new gTLD was added to the CARS report and the awaited .DOCTOR was added to the HEALTH report. The .LUNBECK (a Trademark) just has its first domain name registration listed.
The Generic new gTLD report (see link below) was updated to day and we are happy to see that the .INTERNATIONAL new gTLD receives more registrations than previous weeks before.

  1. Registration volumes:
    1. HOT - Generic new gTLDs with a potential to replace ".com" domains;
    2. New gTLDs related to HEALTH;
    3. New gTLDs related to CARS;
  2. dotBrand - Barclays new domain name strategy and operations decrypted;
  3. COOL - data on domain growth: geographic top level domains are more popular than IDNs, at least in terms of registration volume;
  4. The .WEB auction goes ahead after ICANN denies new gTLD applicant's appeal;
  5. Article - 8 companies saying yes to new gTLDs;
  6. dotBrand - New gTLD benchmarks: how do your brands compare?
  7. Nine new gTLDs were delegated:
    1. the .DUCK new gTLD (nothing to do with the animal);
    2. .RAID (nothing to do with the French Police élite forces);
    3. .SWIFTCOVER (added to report)
    5. .IEEE
    6. .OFF
    7. .DOCTOR (added to report)
    9. .TIAA
  8. ICANN Publishes gTLD Statistics and Trends Report, Asks for Community Feedback;
  9. If you missed a new gTLD newsletter,they are archived at
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