Thursday, March 31, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday, March 31st

This is the recap of the day for new gTLDs NEWS. We added info from yesterday as we could not post anything. There is a petition to develop a new geographic/community TLD.
We have seen many projects of this kind in Round one of the ICANN new gTLD program and we hope a funding will be found. We faced this stage of a new gTLD project when hunting for money for the dotVinum project in Round one. It really is the hardest part: not to forget that this TLD could already be added to the list of an ultra rich applicant preparing for Round 2...

The problem with initiating such communication so early is that it gives ideas to others: when the first .WINE and .GREEN projects were launched, they thought that they would be alone to submit their application.
  1. Trademark Clearinghouse: the .TUBE new gTLD Sunrise Period was just announced;
  2. New - The .SRD new gTLD project was added to the list of projects for Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLd program on;
  3. Report - new gTLDs related to SPORT (the Wednesday Thursday UPDATE);
  4. Another monthly Newsletter from Registrar, which includes section on new gTLDs;
  5. China wants to block domain names outside the country (...);
  6. Search Engine - a new search engine to use new domain names "only";
  7. New gTLD applicant offers $5 Million to buy 4 other new gTLDs;
  8. Strange - A new way to search and follow the News;
  9. Wine - The .GALLO new gTLD is launched, as well as the .BAREFOOT: did you know that Barefoot uses the word "Champagne" on its wine stickers? ;-)
  10. Online Branding strategy and new gTLDs;
  11. 1,372 domain name extensions are on the market if you include ccTLDs;
  12. Google Domains still not available in other countries but...changed to new .GOOGLE domain;
  13. 53% Of New gTLD Are Registered In China;
  14. Article: How Are the New gTLDs Truly Faring?
  15. More coming.
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