Wednesday, November 15, 2023

ICANN new gTLDs: a website full of errors

There are things I check once and a while and this page is one of them at the ICANN website: the "TLD STARTUP INFORMATION" page...

I noticed something new today about the .FOOD Registry which was last updated on November the 23rd (today). By the way, .FOOD appears as a .BRAND Top-Level Domain (...). What I misunderstand here is what the update is about? There is nothing more but this date and a link which points to nothing more. Some fields are not even filled in: "Trademark Claims Period:  to..."

The "Detailed information for food" (the orange button to click onto) points to another page where no more information is found but a broken link to a "URL of Registrars" that seems to be down.

Very good too, the Name from Registry information is different from the one advertised on the link the Registry URL points to.

From what I have learnt, it is precisely the same kind of methods spammers and scammers use to hide and I wish the ICANN checked the information before publishing. I trust the ICANN but their website is turning to some kind of giant database where not much is double checked before publication...for new gTLDs at least.

Come on ICANN, you can do better than this.

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !