Monday, December 5, 2016

All City new gTLDs have launched

We are now done with all new gTLDs related to Cities.

38 cities in the world submitted one or more applications to own their name as a domain name extension:
  • Some applied for several TLDs such as .BCN and .BARCELONA for the city of Barcelona;
  • Some, like the city of Moscow applied for the same string in their ASCII and IDN version;
  • In certain cases, the TLD does not only represent the city itself but an entire municipality or an emirate like it is the case for Abu Dhabi;
  • Some strings were applied for the same name but in different languages like the city of Koeln (and Cologne).
  • We added .TOURS as a city since it also represents the city of Tours in France (even if the city of Tours has probably not noted its existence yet);
  • The last to have been added is the .BOSTON new gTLD which was delegated last week.
The complete list of cities can be checked here and we welcome new strings (since it is possible that we forgot some). The .SPA new gTLD maybe?

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Our reports are available here.

Since most new gTLDs have launched, reports will be updated on a monthly basis starting January 2017.

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