Monday, January 21, 2019

There's no CMS for .BRAND new gTLDs

I checked the web and found no service provider offering a tool dedicated to .BRAND new gTLDs. I mean by this that a .BRAND Top-Level Domain acquires the possibility to use not one, but as many domain names as it wants; but then, how to manage contents?
If it exists dozens of very good Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla, Google Sites, Shopify, WordPress, Blogger, etc, I found none for .BRAND new gTLDs operating multiple domains. I found Drupal but it requires to code a lot and none wants to code a lot when tools such as Goggle Sites offer to operate multiple websites without having to code.

The power of uniqueness
When starting to use a .BRAND new gTLD, a Trademark acquires the capacity to create as many generic domain names as it wants. For example, when previously using a, adding to this sometimes hundreds of pages with long URLs; the new operator of his .BRAND new gTLD acquires the capacity to create ultra generic domain names such as, for example, insurance.brand or shoes.brand: this offers the advantages after:
  • Segmentation of contents;
  • Ultra meaningful domain names for each content;
  • Personalized domain names in the name of a brand;
  • Very short domain names;
  • Easily memorable domain names;
  • The SEO benefit due to cross linking between multiple websites (reference to back linking);
  • Etc...
Just for the note, was acquired for $35.6Million and if the price does not really matter for this publication, the strength of such generic term on Internet has a high value for its descriptiveness and the fact that it is easy to remember.

A ".brand" is unique, a ".com" is not
Let's be frank, operating a website using a CMS is great and the tools available online are very efficient ones, but thinking about changing to operating a .BRAND new gTLD with multiple CMS is just...not feasible and truly a gas machine ("machine à gaz" in French).

If companies often use inside developers to code, or external service providers to maintain their website, a lot - and even prestigious ones - use a simple hosted CMS.

When is this coming to .BRAND new gTLDs and which CMS will be first to come with a solution to host CMS for .BRAND new gTLDs?

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