Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NDD.buzz : acquisition completed

What is NDD.buzz?
The domain is the Premium domain name negotiated with the .BUZZ Registry to talk about domain names in French. Most of the information being published by accredited Registrars, there was no independent website pointing to the global domain name information. NDD.buzz was born.

The domain was created in March 2014 and was recently transferred to Jean Guillon's accredited Registrar with help from the Registry.

Why a ".buzz" domain name?
The purpose of the NDD.buzz website is to point to the right information as soon as it is published. The info usually come from Registrar and Bloggers. According to Wikipedia, the "marketing buzz" is a term used in word of mouth marketing. It is exactly what we do here: we provide an extract of a few line from the information and offer to read it on the author's website. The idea is to publish as fast as an information appears, as often as possible. We also write articles here from time to time.

Who uses ".buzz" domain names?
There will soon be 10 000 domain names registered and the travel/tourism industry has understood, and values, the meaning of the word "buzz": there are few geographic and city domain names left in ".buzz". There are also another communities registering ".buzz" domain names.

Thank you
If I would not disclose the deal, I particularly want to thank the .BUZZ Registry for helping me with this transfer and the gaining Registrar Namebay who was king enough to install the zone file for me prior to transferring the domain.

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