Friday, January 29, 2016

The new gTLD info for this Friday

This Friday, the info remains on the auction won by Japanese company GMO Registry and the 41 million dollars spent. The new gTLD community expects to see how this Top-Level domain will be developed.
  • Now We're Talking About Some Serious Money;
  • Coming next in French: the Nameshield analysis on the .SHOP new gTLD auction;
    • 76 newly funded startups and their new domain names;
    • $41.5 million for .shop - but is it really a gamble?;
    • There Is a New Digital Gold Rush Called gTLD's;
    • New gTLD Jokes :-)
    • What is an IDN new gTLD?
    • Why Icann and internet governance are no longer America’s domain;
    • More coming...

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