Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New gTLDs and Snailmail

Today is a very busy day abroad for me and I will not be collecting info related to new gTLDs: this is why I wrote this post yesterday, on Tuesday, so no posts today and no Newsletter tonight :-)

Dan - we all know who "Dan" is right? - recently honored me with a "What?" as an answer to a detailed email that took me time to write (an email to which I answered: "forget it"). This is a funny way to say that such answers exist on email only: you wouldn't write a postal mail with a "What!" as an answer, would you?

Here is the linking to new gTLDs: yesterday, I received an intriguing postal mail from abroad related to new gTLDs: it was a large envelop with two paper posters inside.

Christopher Hofman Larsen, from the European Domain Center, took the time to buy an envelop, buy stamps, stick them on the envelop, write my postal address on it with a pen, then walk outside (where there is fresh air) to post it. It probably took a few days to arrive in France and that envelop probably flew by plane. And I forgot: there was a kind letter inside with a real signature.

This post is just to say Thank you because it is rare when someone takes the time to send you a postal mail with a present inside: something that you were not expecting and which is useful. I stuck the poster to Jovenet Consulting's International Headquarters' wall.

The posters are the paper version of the excellent new gTLD Infographic which lists the 882 new domain name extensions.

Comme on dit en Fran├žais: "Chapeau bas".

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