Monday, November 1, 2021

New gTLDs : fast News

I noticed a few news recently:

  • The .CSC dotBrand new gTLD was terminated.
  • Two Trademark Claims Period were changed on two Amazon IDN new gTLDs.
  • The .BOT new gTLD changes date for its Trademark Claims Period.
  •   The .大众汽车 new gTLD was revoked.
  • Verisign on .WEB: "VeriSign believes Afilias' application is without merit".
  • A Public Accelerator-Incubator announced that it acquired a TLD.
  • Google does not factor in TLDs directly when ranking websites. So, your coffee shop will not be penalized for choosing “.coffee”.
  • New gTLD updates "for the French":
Check all these updates on the new gTLD group I moderate on LikedIn (2,900 subscribers).

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