Thursday, May 31, 2012

.ZIPPO Top-Level Domain

According to this information found in The Economist, Zippo Manufacturing Company plans to apply for the .ZIPPO string.

"Zippo will apply for .zippo, even though “we don’t have any great plans for it.” He sees possible battles ahead with impostors using Zippo’s name, or variants of it, with .shop or .lighter".

Source of information can be found here.

Indian Corporations apply for new gTLDs

According to this article, Indian Corporations will be applying to new generic Top-Level Domains:
  1. The Tata group has applied for the .TATA Top-Level Domain;
  2. Mahindra & Mahindra has applied for .MAHINDRA;
  3. The State Bank of India has applied for:
    1. .SBI and
    2. .STATEBANK;
  4. Reliance Industries has applied for the .RELIANCE new gTLD.
Read more here.

.DOCS and .LOL Top-Level Domains

Thank to DomainIncite for spotting this announcement, Google just announced it applies for 2 more Top-Level Domains:
  1. .DOCS
  2. .LOL
Reasons are explained on this post.

RADIX to apply for more than 30 new gTLDs

Radix FZC is a Directi Business whose mission is to become the registry operator of a variety of top level domains. Radix will be an active participant in ICANN's process to expand the internet naming system, and will aim to obtain rights to operate several new generic domains. Radix will leverage Directi's rich domain expertise, and will be led by an able team which has helped flourish some of Directi's existing registrar and web hosting businesses.

RADIX applies for:
  1. .click
  2. .home
  3. .one
  4. .online
  5. .ping
  6. .site
  7. .space
  8. .web
  9. .website
  10. .world
  11. .blog
  12. .host
  13. .hosting
  14. .hotel
  15. .law
  16. .movie
  17. .music
  18. .news
  19. .play
  20. .app
  21. .chat
  22. .city
  23. .deals
  24. .press
  25. .bank
  26. .insurance
  27. .loans
  28. .baby
  29. .doctor
  30. .shop
  31. .store

.S _ _ _ S Top-Level Domain

Vox Populi Registry, a subsidiary company of the Canadian internet-pioneering Corporation, Momentous applies for the .SUCKS Top-Level Domain.

More here and here.

.RIP Top-Level Domain

Rest In Peace

As the official web site says: "DotRIP offers a digital service for domains with a dedicated application for memorials, eulogies, obituaries, notices, and grieving communities".

Read more here.

.STYLE Top-Level Domain

.STYLE domain names are "for anyone who values their style: fashionistas, designers, retailers, critics, journalists, artists, and anyone who wants their own style to stand out from the rest."

The .STYLE new gTLD also is a Momentous new gTLD.

More here on the official web site.

Another .DESIGN new gTLD applicant

A third applicant for .DESIGN spotted by The

Applicants are:

  2. Momentous:;
  3. To be announced soon.

.CLOUD Top-Level Domain

CloudNames applies for a second new gTLD: .CLOUD

".cloud will have a wide appeal. It could help identify companies and organizations that provide services in the “cloud”. Likewise, .cloud could be ideal for consumers who wish to “name their cloud” or their personal piece of the Internet. A .cloud domain could also help identify networking or interest groups who are connected by the “cloud”, i.e. – a networking group for entrepreneurs."

Read more about the .CLOUD new gTLD here.

.GLOBAL Top-Level Domain

As found on CloudNames' web site, "the purpose of .global is for organisations aiming for or commanding an existing global presence. Furthermore, .global is ideal for any business that was unable to secure their .com address."

Read more on .global new gTLD here.

First round is now closed, what's next?

The "first round" to submit an application to ICANN is now officially closed. It will probably be expected to wait for years before it is possible to submit an application again.

ICANN has published more time frames (always subject to change):
  1. 13 June: "Reveal Day";
  2. July: Initial Evaluation Begins;
  3. December/January: Results of Initial Evaluation;
  4. December/January: Additional Program Phases.
Read more on the ICANN web site.

.OVH Top-Level Domain

OVH is a French major retail Registrar who announced its application was finalized in TAS.
Annoucement was made by Octave Klaba, CEO of OVH, in a Twitt.

"ovh" means "On Vous H├ęberge" (We can host you).

Godaddy applies for 2 more strings

Godaddy first announced it applied for the .GODADDY Top-Level Domains, it will apply for 2 more:
  1. .HOME
  2. .CASA
Read more here.

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