Thursday, May 30, 2019

Comparing .PAGE and .BEST

The .BEST Registry enters the month of June 2019 with another 1,000 domain names created. I'd suggest to have a look at the progression curve of this TLD compared to the .PAGE new gTLD belonging to Google.

The numbers
  1. January 2019: the .BEST had 4,000 domains less than .PAGE;
  2. February 2019: the .BEST had about the same but .PAGE had gained +3,500 more;
  3. March 2019: the .BEST had almost caught up with .PAGE with 2,000 less domains but .PAGE had almost 14,000 domain names created;
  4. April 2019: there's a gap of  less than 3,000 domains between the two registries. 
  5. May 2019: the .BEST Registry announces 16,000 domain names created and the gap with .PAGE is reduced to 2,000 domains.
  6. June 2019 (end): more .BEST than .PAGE coming ?
Why compare .PAGE and .BEST ?
There is a list of domain name extensions that I'd strongly suggest to keep an eye on for any company with a need to secure its assets online. This list is not so long but can represent a danger if a third party, or a competitor, came to use the same extension with the exact same second level domain name.

I compare .PAGE to .BEST since one is just below the other in that list of domain name registration volumes. Also, it is interesting to see that one is maintained by a giant of the Internet (Google) and the other is operated and marketed by a small team of entrepreneurs based in Paris.

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