Friday, May 13, 2016

The new gTLD info for Friday, May 13th

It is impressive how many car trademarks (ie ".volkswagen" - ".seat" - ".bmw", etc...) applied for their own domain name extension. A good way to keep an eye on their development is to check their domain name registration volumes regularly. To do so,we have decided to update a new gTLD report related to "cars". This weekly report lists generic domain name extensions related to the automobile (ie: ".car" new gTLD) but it lists ".brand" new gTLD applications too (ie: ".nissan).
  1. Interesting - Wordpress just acquired the .BLOG new gTLD (many covers);
  2. Another cover of Richard Li, owner of the ".RICHARDLI" new gTLD;
  3. Reports:
    1. We added ".yachts" - ".boats" and ".motorcycles" to the SPORT new gTLD report;
    2. We launched two new reports:
      1. New gTLDs related to RELIGION (updated each Thursday);
      2. HOT - New gTLDs related to CARS (updated each Friday);
      3. New gTLDs related to HEALTH (updated each Friday).
  4. Another "Multiple Registry" signed an agreement with the signed an agreement with the Motion Picture Association of America;
  5. More coming.
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