Thursday, March 26, 2020

Religions and new gTLDs: 2019 in Review

This is the last 2019 new gTLD review from Jovenet Consulting and this one is about Religions.

In 2019, we collected datas from each registries from specific industries and took a snapshot of their monthly domain name registration volumes, during 12 months. This is the last report from a list of 20 reviews and it is about Religions.

Religions in 2019
The subject is represented in terms of domain name extensions (domain names which ending is the one of a religion, for example, and different from ".com") and most organized religions are represented:
  • I listed 20 domain name extensions with a relation to a religion.
  • One was withdrawn: the .UMMAH new gTLD (note that this was before 2019).
  • Three are International Domain Name extensions (IDNs).
  • The .WED new gTLD now benefits from the ICANN Emergency Back-end Registry Operator program. It is a failed project and you hit in your browser, you can learn more about this program. It still had 35 domain names created in December 2019.
  • Two extensions are close one to the other: the .WEDDING and the .WED new gTLDs;
  • Two were ended and .ISLAM is one of them: both were "not approved" by the ICANN;
  • The Vatican applied for several extensions in multiple scripts: all mean "Catholic" but the .CATHOLIC new gTLD is the only one in use with 13 domain names created in December 2019. Other scripts are not used and have one domain name created only.
  • Two are .BRANDs: the .CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.) and .LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) new gTLDs. If The CBN uses five domain names in total, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints created one domain name only since the extension was delegated in November 2014.
  • Two generic new gTLDs grew in volume in 2019:
    • The .CHURCH gained 900 domain name registrations in one year between January and December and ended the year with a total of 24,955 domain names;
    • The .BIBLE new gTLD gained 200 and ended the year with 1,694 domains.
  • Two generic new gTLDs lots registrations: the .WEDDING and .CHRISTMAS new gTLDs.
  • The .FAITH new gTLD dropped from 53,096 registrations in January to ... 4,182 in December.
  • The .ISMAILI (the religion) new gTLD had seven domain names created in December 2019 and is one, with the .CATHOLIC new gTLD, religion to effectively use its domain names.
  • The .KOSHER and .MORMON had one single domain name creation in December 2019. Operators of these Registries applied for these TLDs...not to use them. Mormons could launch their directory I believe.
  • Generally speaking, Christianity is best represented.
Read the full report here.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

New gTLDs for the Law: 2019 in Review

I listed eleven new Top-Level Domains (domain name extensions) which are connected to the law: it can be a profession or a generic term. In 2019, nothing extraordinary happened but here is what I noticed:
  • One is a Trademark (a .BRAND new gTLD);
  • One is a Chinese IDN (Internationalized domain name);
  • The .ESQ new gTLD, operated by Google, was delegated in August 2014 and had two domain names created in January 2019, same as December.
  • Four of these Registries have more than 10,000 domain name registrations and the number one had 27,324 domain names beginning of December 2019. Surprisingly, this Top-Level Domain is the .TRADEMARK new gTLD in its Chinese version: the .商标 (trademark) domain name extension.
  • Two of these gTLDs exist in English and Spanish: .ATTORNEY and .ABOGADO. Note that "abogado" is the name of a fruit too.
  • Three of these TLDs lost registrations during the year, it means that they had less registrations in December than in January of the same year: .LAWYER - .ATTORNEY and .ASSOCIATES
  • Two had the exact same number of domain names during the entire year: no increase, no decrease.
  • One of the TLDs that I like best is the .POLITIE new gTLD: is stands for "Police" in the Netherlands. It is the only one that I found from this kind: it's the only Police in the world to operate its own domain name extension. The application submitted to the ICANN says: "In addition, an Internet portal for the National Police will offer opportunities for partnerships with local stakeholders and provide a platform for local partners to share information concerning a particular incident or a structural problem within a neighborhood" but unfortunately, I was not able to locate that Internet portal. The .POLITIE new gTLD had eight domain names created as of December 2019.
  • The .LEGAL and .LAW new gTLDs both gained an average of 600 domain names from January to December. Adoption is slow by end users but it is there.
  • The .PARTNERS Top-Level Domain gained 1,000 domain names in one year.
Read the full report here.

Coming: "HEALTH new gTLD: 2019 in Review"

Monday, March 16, 2020

Politics and new gTLDs: 2019 in review

I was first wondering if I would do a single publication for Politics and Legal new gTLDs but since I just learnt that am stuck home due to the Coronavirus' French containment - and it appears that it is going to last for the next 45 days - let's say that...I have time in front of me...

Political new gTLDs
I was already asked twice that question: "what do you use registrations and creations?" Well, this is a very good question because some domain names are not "bought" but they can be created by the registry. Some Premium domain names for example are created but they don't belong to a Registrant (yet) but to the Registry who tries to sell them.

I listed twelve Political new gTLDs and here is what I noticed in 2019:
  • Two have more than 10,000 domain name created: .GURU has 55,680 and .BEST has 86,600. At the moment I am writing these lines, the .BEST new gTLD should approach the 100,000 creations;
  • Three strings are very close one to the other: .VOTE - .VOTO and .VOTING can create lots of confusion to Registrants (domain name owners) who would want to build a website around the subject. I would personally register all three of them and use the .VOTE new gTLD since it is the word used in several languages. Two of these strings are stagnating and .VOTING lost half of its registrations since January 2019.
  • Three of these TLDs have a negative meaning: .GRIPE - .FAIL and .EXPOSED. This is why I added them to this report. All have their registrations to decline in volume and all are below 5,000 domain names. I did not add the .SUCKS new gTLD. It was added to the Adult new gTLD report.
  • Three other Top-Level Domains are seriously political and represent two political parties. None has more than 1,500 domain names created:
    • .DEMOCRAT (volume of domain names has declined since January 2019);
    • .REPUBLICAN (volume of domain names has declined since January 2019);
    • .GOP (volume of domain names has stagnated since January 2019 for a total of 1,146 domain names in December).
  • Five Top-Level Domains on a total of twelve had more registrations in December than in January. The .GIVES new gTLD is one of them with...1,774 domain names created in December 2019.
  • The only political new gTLD to have "exploded numbers" is the .BEST new gTLD which started 2019 with four thousand registrations only and ended it with more than 80,000 !
  • I wonder how long it takes for American political parties to clearly identify under a .DEMOCRAT or a .REPUBLICAN
Read the full report here.

Coming: "Legal new gTLD: 2019 in Review"

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How SKY is improving the use of its .SKY new gTLD

I recently shared with Dawn Shackleton, Head of Online Brand Protection (Sky Technology) at Sky. Dawn is also Vice President of the Brand Registry Group so she often meets with other .BRAND new gTLD applicants. Dawn is also the person to talk to for the .SKY new gTLD.

The .SKY new gTLD
I had read about this job offer: a position related to the .SKY new gTLD and the SKY domain name portfolio (which must be an important one). I dug a little about .SKY and noticed that SKY is one of these rare .BRANDs to do something with its TLD. In France, we have the .ARTE new gTLD but I found no reference using a ".arte" domain name but redirections. I then asked her if anything new was coming and here is what I wrote down:
  • The use of dotSKY is building month on month;
  • Its primary use is for Corporate purposes and the growth of use stems from the decision to move Sky's corporate website over to from being a sub domain of;
  • The most recent website is which showcases Sky first class TV production talent and studio facilities for hire;
  • Their biggest success to date is the adoption of sub domains of that they use where 3rd party agencies are sending bulk emails out to customers or internal Sky people. This gives assurance to people that the email they are receiving is authentic.
This is why you need your .BRAND
Did you read that sentence from Dawn: "This gives assurance to people that the email they are receiving is authentic". There are other reasons to apply for a .BRAND but this short sentence is one of the main reasons why Banks and other major Trademarks should acquire their own dotBrand domain name extension.

Being able to seal an email is one thing that a personalized domain name extension allows: ".com" or any other domain name extensions do not offer that option.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Just Updated: the .CYOU Sunrise Period

The Sunrise Period details page at ICANN was recently updated with something new:
  • Sunrise Period: 14 May 2020 to 15 Jun 2020;
  • Trademark Claims Period: 16 Jun 2020 to 14 Sep 2020.
This Registry was acquired recently but the latest purpose of the TLD was not updated on the official ICANN application so I am not providing it here.

More here.

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