Friday, August 1, 2014

Strange question received this morning about LinkedIn (new gTLDs goup)

This morning I was asked about the reason why I hardly ever publish links about certain people's article in the New generic Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs) group on LinkedIn ?

Just to point it out, every single link is sent to roughly 1,600 subscribers every day and those links added to the "Manager's choice" appear on top of each email sent to its members.

My answer: I don't make choices, I just select the information I am interested in. The funny thing about this question is that just a few people know that they can post links to their articles themselves...

It is just as easy as:

  1. Join the group;
  2. Paste the hyperlink to your article in the object field;
  3. LinkedIn then captures the link (nothing to do there);
  4. Add your Title in replacement of the hyperlink;
  5. Click on "share".
It is as simple as this.

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