Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New gTLD Infographics by United Domains

Monday, October 29, 2012

Nouveaux gTLD: prennez votre temps

Je lis avec intérêt la chronique de Mailclub sur l'état d'avancement de la procédure URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension System), une procédure "améliorée" créée spécialement pour les nouvelles extensions Internet.

Pourtant, comme de nombreux candidats, je pense à autre chose.

La suite sur le Journal Du Net.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Reminder about the Independent Objector (IO)

The official web site of the Independent Objector was just launched in English French*

Again, I would like to insist on how important his role is in the new gTLD program as he acts solely in the best interests of the public and can object to highly objectionable gTLD applications. I encourage readers of this blog to read about his role again on his web site:

If a public comment was submitted on the Limited Public Interest and/or the Community ground, the IO can submit an objection.

* I wonder who pays for Translations but if it is Icann and if it plans to have other languages translated, I have a very good address.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"The Community wants the work done at ICANN"

This is an interview from Fadi Chehadé (ICANN President and CEO) at the end of the Icann45 meeting.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Submission in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)

Today's Toronto session provided an update on the status of the Trademark Clearinghouse's implementation:
  1. Procedures for submission of trademark data into the Clearinghouse (the Trademark Clearinghouse is scheduled to accept entries from Q1 2013);
  2. Implementation of Sunrise and Trademark Claims processes during the startup phases of new gTLD registries.

Download the complete presentation located down this page (if not there, it should come soon).
Official web site for the Trademark Clearinghouse is:

How to resolve string contentions sooner

The applicant auction is a private auction to resolve string contentions in advance of the ICANN last-resort auction.

The advantage of the applicant auction is that all the value of the auction stays with the applicants. Moreover, since the contentions are resolved more quickly, ICANN may award the top-level domains to the winning applicants sooner.

What are the key benefits of the Applicant Auction?

Relative to the ICANN last resort auction, the applicant auction has many benefits. The applicant auction:
  1. maximizes the value of the domains by putting them to their best use;
  2. rapidly resolves contention leading to faster ICANN assignment;
  3. allows the applicants to retain the benefits of resolution, rather than sharing the benefits with ICANN;
  4. lowers the price paid by the buyer—the applicant with the highest bid; and
  5. compensates sellers—the applicants with lower bids—with a share of the buyer’s payment.
Workshops ended yesterday but I am sure interested applicants will learn more here.

A summary of yesterday's ICANN meetings

Simple, fast, efficient:

Kieren McCarthy is an acknowledged authority on the Internet and Internet governance. I also suggest to ckech .nxt, an information service covering the Internet policy and governance worlds.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New gTLDs: lost? Then, read this

ICANN recently set up an extremely interesting web page called the "Applicants' Corner". This page, is an entry point to anything an applicant can be searching for: Trademark Clearinghouse, URS, Objections, etc...

I strongly suggest anyone involved, or not involved, in a new gTLD application to bookmark this page.
It would be appreciated to have an updated date next to each title anytime something new is added. I will send this request to ICANN.

Also, many more news are added daily into the new generic Top-Level Domains group on LinkedIn.

To check the Applicant's corner web page, click here:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hypocrisy in new gTLDs: come on...of course not!

The interesting part of this video starts at 0:20.

Again, this video focusses on Donuts, a new gTLD applicant applying for multiple strings, but the fun part of this video is about the fantastic hypocrisy that exists in the world of new gTLDs and which starts at 0:46 when the Internet Property Lawyer starts to criticize Donuts (you will also find much more reading public comments by the way in the comments made by anonymous persons).

These are a few questions to Mr. David E. Weslow, an "Internet Property Lawyer":
  1. What do you think about an applicant applying for a new gTLD, which is a generic term such as "grocery", and who wants one single supermarket to own it for himself ?
  2. What do you think other Supermarkets in the world would think about this?
  3. Do you think it is fair for the average grocery store who would have the use of such domain names but who won't be able to use them beause they are "reserved"?
  4. For what reason on earth would one (1) American supermarket become the only legal entity to be authorized to register domain names ending in .grocery and, for example, allow itself to register such a valuable domain names like ?

You did not understand this post? Download the public portion of the .grocery application and read its "Mission/Purpose".

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An encrypted letter sent to ITU

This is a paragraph I picked up from an answer written to Petko Kantchev, Chair of the Informal Group of Experts, World Telecommunication Policy Forum 2013 (ITU) by the Internet Society (ISOC), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and the Number Resource Organization (NRO):

"While we acknowledge and appreciate the openness in which the discussions of the WTPF-2013 have been held so far, we would hope that WTPF discussions not be pre-constrained to specific outcomes as expressed in paragraph 1.1.5. Furthermore, those contradictions that paragraph 1.1.5 calls to avoid may need to fully disclosed in order for the openness of the WTPF process to be maintained".


The letter ends with "we strongly suggest finding an agreement on a main theme first": I would be happy if someone coud explain to me, with no acronym, what the main theme is.

Thank you.


For more, you can download the letter here (click on the PDF).

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