Monday, January 28, 2008

Use a consultant ?

The average domain name portfolio manager starts with a few domain names.

With long procedures, it is important to learn how to manage a domain name portfolio. Providing consulting for important corporations with very large portfolios, I found out administrators all have that same problem: they are given the task to deal with domain names and it sometimes take them more than 70% of their time !

Not only it is time consuming but it also cost A LOT to the company.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tasting Google

Following the recent decision of Google to stop monetizing domains less than five days old, it is interesting to wonder if its competitors are going to do the same or...if they are going to promote themselves.

The ethic at Google is very important: the job is to improve the use of Internet but more than anything: improve the quality of its content. By stopping the monetization of domain tasting, Google follows its ethic and kills the ability to publish crap content which you will probably find many time when hitting almost anything on Google. What I qualify as "crap content" are these pages with multiple links which only purpose is to generate "one more click" for its owners to earn a few cents.No adsense on crap content anymore?

Good point Google. Everyone doesn't have ethic... What I would like to know is how much crap content publishers are going to loose because of such decision. What is nice is that you will probably click less to find what you are looking for.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


.ME is an interesting concept: it is short, it is about the average user who wants to blog or have his personal web site. Godaddy should sell it and contribute to Montenegro development. Did I say Montenegro?

Does the average blogger know where Montenegro is or is it about selling a cool TLD to the internet user who wants to have a personalized domain name? I remember .NAME was supposed to offer this: “a cool domain name to come with my family name so I can leave a little something to my kids”.

.TV was a success; I sincerely hope .ME will bring something to the people of Montenegro.
I believe next step is Cap Verde, right?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Domain Name Front Running

Netsol is a strange Registrar...

I registered my very first domain name with them. I also discourage front-running of course. I won't be buying there anymore. But is it the worth you can say about these practices? Isn't front-running qualifying Netsol as a domainer? want to be scared about bad practices?

Have a look here and come back with your questions

Friday, January 18, 2008

.ASIA is coming!

.ASIA is working hand in hand with for auctions

Remember what happened in Landrush 2 at EURid, when was holding auctions of domains they snagged?

Do you remember how many domains snagged?

Good luck with your domains during .ASIA Landrush...

Thursday, January 17, 2008


.TEL is coming!
I had a discussion with my collegue Nico a few days ago about .TEL. At the time I met Phil Colebrook in London, I thought these people were coming with something new. I still think so. I love the idea to be "reachable" anytime. TELNIC offers this with .TEL.
My friend Nico thinks .MOBI will adapt the .TEL concept to .MOBI. I think they wont. I have to admit I am scared they would. .TEL is a great idea with a high potential.

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