Monday, October 27, 2014

The .Club TLD is becoming a “community of communities”

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell has been an internet pioneer since 1993.

Our team recently dotClub leads the new Top Level Domain Revolution – in my view, it is by far the most successful. Eat.Club was recently sold for $20,000! I expect over the next 3 years, there will be over 1 million Clubs signed up to dotClub. Colin recently joined the CEO Registry and the Florida.CEO Community. Colin’s Identity page details his considerable achievements.


Colin’s work on .Club has seen the growth of a new Top Level Domain that features collaboration. The .Club TLD is becoming a “community of communities”, with broad application, from Soccer.Club, to the SFEntrepreneurs.Club.


To learn more about .Club, visit ColinCampbell.CEO and watch his video. You can register a Club Domain at MyDomains.Club

I have also tweeted and posted about Colin’s success on Linkedin.

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