Friday, October 28, 2016

New gTLD acquisition for 1 million Euros

1 million Euros is the budget I was allocated for the acquisition of a new gTLD. After discussing with a certain number of applicants, it now seems clear that this is not enough. With the level of investment required to create a new gTLD, it is something I understand but I didn't speak to everyone.

I could not talk to all applicants so here is the pitch:
  • We look for an "as generic as possible" TLD;
  • We won't pay more than €1M;
  • We do not need to change backend registry;
  • Our intention is to deploy the TLD (increase the number of domain names registered);
  • We could also be interested in acquiring a .BRAND new gTLD.
So if you want to talk to us, contact Jovenet Consulting.

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