Monday, August 30, 2021

85 more "dotBrand" domains created in August 2021

 New .BRAND domain name creations have increased since January 2021:

  1. January 2021: 16,075
  2. February 2021: 16,864 (+789)
  3. March 2021: 17,111 (+247)
  4. April 2021: 17,245 (+134)
  5. May 2021: 17,404 (+159)
  6. June 2021: 17,544 (+140)
  7. July 2021: 17,614 (+70)
  8. August 2021: 17,699 (+85)

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

List of new gTLD Providers for "Round 2"

The next Round of the ICANN new gTLD program is coming and - just like it was the case in the previous Round - it will probably be very difficult to know what to do for any new comer to the program: where to start from? Who to talk to? What level of service? What price? Etc...

A list of Service Provider

There are not so many service providers worldwide but those I know - and some I have already worked with - can be very good at what they do. This list of providers will probably help many to learn more from the ICANN new gTLD program and help for consultations.

Small Reminder: do not tell the string you plan to apply for unless you have chosen your provider. Signing a NDA does not mean that you have to tell your string with the people you plan to talk to about your project.

I will promote and update that list on social networks and LinkedIn.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Is 2025 the year for new gTLDs ?

The ICA Business Intelligence Briefing on the Second Round of New gTLDs is a webinar with questions and estimates from ICANN insiders. You will hear about:
  • The possible number of applications;
  • Date when your budget should be organized for the next round;
  • The famous "when" question;
  • Pre-launch questions;
  • Questions on the difference between the first AGB (remember that word, it stands for "Applicant GuideBook") and the next one;
  • Should you discuss your project around ? ;-)
  • A .CRYPTO new gTLD?
  • The application fees;
  • Global budget to consider;
  • The end of private Auctions?
  • A peace of advice for future applicants.

Listen to this Podcast

If you have the time to listen this long video, you will learn many questions that one should have prior to submitting an application. Some answers from ICANN insiders I agree with, some I think are complete dreamers, and some I understand that no one has ANY idea about the answer but the questions are very good ones.
You will also hear about things you absolutely can't understand because the vocabulary used is for people from the new gTLD industry. 

This is the typical exchange from service providers who definitely WANT the next round to happen tomorrow but who are now much more cautious with their answers because we all remember what happened in the first round with a launch date that came very late.

Frankly speaking, this one hour video is a compete summary of all the boring ICANN working group meetings that very few can attend and follow up with. I recommend.

A good video to watch.

Monday, August 2, 2021

70 more "dotBrand" domains created in July 2021

New .BRAND domain name creations have increased since January 2021:
  1. January 2021: 16,075
  2. February 2021: 16,864 (+789)
  3. March 2021: 17,111 (+247)
  4. April 2021: 17,245 (+134)
  5. May 2021: 17,404 (+159)
  6. June 2021: 17,544 (+140)
  7. July 2021: 17,614 (+70)
  8. August 2021: coming.

All reports are updated at the end of each month in the "new gTLD reports" section of Jovenet Consulting.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

3 dotBrand new gTLDs are terminated

 The ICANN just updated its list of terminated new gTLDs. Three are Trademarks:

  1. The .SWIFTCOVER new gTLD (Swiftcover Insurance Services Limited);
  2. The .RMIT new gTLD (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology);
  3. The .DABUR new gTLD (Dabur India Limited).

More details here.

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