Thursday, November 29, 2012

Answer received from the French GAC regarding .VIN

This answer follows my previous post entitled "French GAC Early Warning for the .VIN new gTLD" dated 27 of November.

A question was asked to the French GAC on the reason why .VIN received an Early Warning and .WINE did not?

With the approval for publication of Camille Angue, Diplomate - Ministère français des affaires étrangères - Numérique & Gouvernance d'internet, here is the answer I received:

"Pour votre information, les early warning n'ont pas été déclenchés par le MAE (1) ou Bercy (2), mais font toujours suite à une demande émanant du ministère technique en charge du dossier concerné (ici, l'agriculture)".


" liste finale a été arrêtée lors d'une réunion interministérielle à Matignon (3)".


The .VIN GAC Early Warning was submitted by the Ministry of Agriculture after ministries met with the Prime minister during a meeting. Apparently a list of new gTLD applications was drafted and a selection was made for Early Warnings. At least this is how I understand it but I cannot tell if .WINE was on that list.

I was invited to discuss this...

A few definitions (since you are supposed to know all acronyms above):
  1. "MAE", pick-up one here (but I suggest "Ministry of Foreign Affairs");
  2. "Bercy", pick-up one here (but I suggest "Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry");
  3. "Matignon", pick-ip one here (but I suggest "the office of our Prime Minister").

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