Monday, September 26, 2016

".com" domainers hate new gTLDs ;-)

I read a lot of "bla, bla" about new gTLDs and found this post on Facebook from @stahura (founder of Donuts). I admit that I don't read long posts but I see good examples of new domain names in this one. I went down the post to read some comments.

Something made me smile reading the comments. You've probably read - at least once - a domainer criticizing new gTLDs "because they will never work", "because .com domains are better", "because they are confusing"... I noticed that these comments often come from domainers and the only reason I see in these critics is that new gTLDs decrease the value of .com domain names (but this is just a personal opinion). The reason why I smile reading the comment from one of these domainers is the examples given why new gTLDs will fail:
"how many of these are scams? how many will be in business in a few years? how many are too confusing for customers? how many actually are adding value to the corresponding .com domain? what percentage of the live domains registered does this represent?"
All of the examples used concern more ".com" domain names rather than new domains:
  1. "how many of these are scams?": due to the important volume of ".com" domain names registered, there are certainly much but much more ".com" scams than with new domain names.
  2. "how many will be in business in a few years?": how many businesses using a ".com" fail everyday? Less than with new gTLDs? I seriously doubt it.
  3. "how many are too confusing for customers?" : confusing because they are more descriptive? That cannot be true: new domain names offer something that ".com" will never be able to offer: precision.
  4. "how many actually are adding value to the corresponding .com domain?". Here we are. Why would a new domain name have to add value to a ".com"? Because this would increase its price value? I bought a new domain name and now redirect the ".com" to it. New gTLDs are not just about domaining (selling domain names), some very serious companies use them for business.
  5. "what percentage of the live domains registered does this represent?" (I didn't catch that one).
New domain name registration volumes:
  • New gTLDs with a French sounding;
    (a certain number of TLDs were just removed from this list)
  • New gTLDs related to CITIES;
    (does not often happen: see the .LONDON new gTLD)
  • New gTLDs related to CATERING;
  • New gTLDs related to PHOTOGRAPHY.
    (domains ending in ".cam" are launching)
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