Thursday, March 17, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday, March 17th

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  1. Coming: the .MOI new gTLD: "moi" is the name of a Village in Romania, it also means "me" or "myself" in French;
  2. It will cost $129 (at least) for a 2 letter .SKI domain names (example of .SKI domain name);
  3. 4 new gTLD events added to Calzone;
  4. The US Court Has Granted an Interim Relief on .AFRICA new gTLD;
  5. Socks Sells! Meet;
  6. A Premium new domain name taken back by Registrar?
  7. In French - "Car Brands: are they taking a leading role in the new Internet?"
  8. LOL:
  9. Meetup.NYC: all changes happening in the NYC digital space;
  10. Why does the Trademark Clearinghouse prohibits the registration of marks containing a "."?
  11. Draft report on New gTLD Program Safeguards Against DNS Abuse;
  12. HOT - According to new gTLD applicants, the Spamhaus report is “wholly inaccurate”
  13. More coming...
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