Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hypocrisy in new gTLDs: come on...of course not!

The interesting part of this video starts at 0:20.

Again, this video focusses on Donuts, a new gTLD applicant applying for multiple strings, but the fun part of this video is about the fantastic hypocrisy that exists in the world of new gTLDs and which starts at 0:46 when the Internet Property Lawyer starts to criticize Donuts (you will also find much more reading public comments by the way in the comments made by anonymous persons).

These are a few questions to Mr. David E. Weslow, an "Internet Property Lawyer":
  1. What do you think about an applicant applying for a new gTLD, which is a generic term such as "grocery", and who wants one single supermarket to own it for himself ?
  2. What do you think other Supermarkets in the world would think about this?
  3. Do you think it is fair for the average grocery store who would have the use of such domain names but who won't be able to use them beause they are "reserved"?
  4. For what reason on earth would one (1) American supermarket become the only legal entity to be authorized to register domain names ending in .grocery and, for example, allow itself to register such a valuable domain names like store.grocery ?

You did not understand this post? Download the public portion of the .grocery application and read its "Mission/Purpose".

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