Friday, October 10, 2014

More on .WINE and .VIN at ICANN51

CENTR issued a guide for ICANN51 in which a date is given where interested parties in the .WINE question can learn more about how this wonderful story will probably end.

"This is not a large part on the GAC’s agenda at ICANN Los Angeles, but it is a very sensitive topic and likely to reflect wider divisions between governments on human rights issues at the United Nations. The session, scheduled for Tuesday, 14 October, 9:30-10:00, is not labeled a GAC-specific session, but an ICANN-wide session. It is, however, organized by the GAC. As with the issue of geographic indicators raised by .WINE and .VIN, the introduction of human rights into the ICANN sphere deepens links between public policy issues discussed in international intergovernmental forums and the forums that primarily focus on technical Internet governance. 

These interactions will increase the need to harmonize or coordinate between these different forums, and GAC members, as participants in both intergovernmental forums and ICANN, may have an important role to play in connecting those two worlds. How the GAC manages this session, therefore, could be an indication of how the GAC intends to approach that role in the near future".

CENTR is an association of Internet Country Code Top Level Domain Registries such as .uk in the United Kingdom and .es in Spain. Full Membership is open to organisations, corporate bodies or individuals that operate a country code top level domain registry.

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