Thursday, February 23, 2017

That old post I just noticed about Nomulus

IP Twins is a popular French law firm to offer a full-package of domain name related services (registration, search, audit and monitoring), web services (web content search, audit and monitoring, AdWords™, auctions) and IP services (consulting, TMCH, new gTLDs applications).

This company is typically the kind of law firm to offer its clients a .BRAND new gTLD solution for the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program.

I just noted this post about Nomulus, pointing to my article following the Nomulus announcement from Google and I appreciate to be quoted in it actually.

Another good read that I just posted.

Amazon or Google for new gTLDs?

Google offered the world its tool to operate new gTLDs: it is a backend registry solution, named Nomulus. Google new gTLDs already use this solution.

AWS from Amazon
You might have noticed the massive communication around AWS (Amazon Web Services) where the communication focuses on promoting cloud solutions from Amazon. A new gTLD was even created for this: the .AWS domain name extension.

If Google made it clear that it still does not know if it will create a key-in-hand offer for .BRAND new gTLD applicants, what about Amazon?

Amazon did not build its TLDs with an internal solution, it has a backend registry provider and has not yet considered creating its own solution.

Potential .BRAND new gTLD applicants still think that it is too expensive to apply for their own domain name extension and a cheap/simple offer, just build for them, would seriously help. Lowering the price at ICANN...would help too.

So which service provider will come with that offer?

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