Tuesday, July 23, 2013

gTLD Strategy Congress: new speakers announced

Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress - UK & European Edition - September 26-27, London

Newly announced speakers from:
  • Microsoft UK;
  • GoDaddy;
  • ARI;
  • NetNames;
  • Interbrand;
  • The Domain Name Association.
Find out more at www.gtldworldcongress.com

Which CMS to use with multiple domain names ?

With new domain names coming, companies may want to use their new purchases instead of just stocking or parking them. To be able to do this: things must be simple and to be simple, it should take a few clicks to use a domain name. The same should apply for any Registrant who wants to use efficiently his new domain names with his web site.

I once searched an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who offered web hosting with a tool to manage a web site in multiple languages with multiple domain names, ex: www.brand.fr to point to the French version and www.brand.co.uk to point to the English one.

I never found what I wanted but new gTLDs may bring the right idea to a domain name and hosting provider like Gandi (for example). If using multiple domain names for a web site in multiple languages is an idea, new gTLDs will soon allow to use both a brand.rugby with a brand.sport on the same web site. So how do you do this when you don't know about coding or FTP transfer to upload your new PHP hosted CMS?

The idea here is to buy domain names and once this is done, the owner (or Registrant) should be able to point them to the right place on his web site and without:
  • Installing any program (the CMS should be offered by the hosting provider - there are many already);
  • Having to play with code to make things work;
  • 10 clicks.
I found a few hosting providers to offer such tools and Drupal was one of the CMS to allow the use of multiple domains but none offered to manage the entire web site in one single interface without having to play with coding.

This is a question I submitted to Godaddy once.

I think this topic may interest in the future and unless I am wrong, I'd say it is an opportunity to use domain names instead of just using simple directions or parking plarforms.

If someone has the answer to my question: I want to see it work.

Trademark Clearinghouse explained with French sub-titles

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