Thursday, December 1, 2016

ICANN new gTLD program: permanent protection?

This is a correspondence which was just published on the ICANN website between the Red Cross and the ICANN:

The ICRC to ICANN (translated by myself): "after five years of discussions, when can you confirm that "redcross" and "redcrescent" are fully protected at the first and second level (first and second level domain names)?

ICANN's answer:
"...the Board took a decision in 2013 to grant temporary protection to the names of your national societies; thus preventing such registrations at the second level for all new gTLDs. Such temporary protection will stay in place until an agreed permanent solution is in place."
"I will update you on developments concerning the latter and the process and likely timescales involved".
  1. Letter from the ICRC (download);
  2. Answer from the ICANN board (download).
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