Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Use LinkedIn to promote your new gTLD

Here is a nice email I received regarding the links to new gTLD projects I publish on the "new generic Top-Level Domains" group on LinkedIn. I changed the sender's names, domain name extension and web site for these emails to remain confidential.

It is not the first time I am told visits to a web site explode when the URL is promoted in this group.

The email received:

Subject: Thank You Jean!


I wanted to thank you for all the support. I noticed when you blogged about .CHANGED (dot-changed) and my website www.website.changed, my web traffic jumped! I am sure it brought a lot of online traffic to your sites too. Please feel free to write some more about it and be sure to add my website link too.


So, would you want to:
  • Promote your new registry or project;
  • Indicate to a possible competitor he'd better come out of the bush to discuss a possible partnership before submitting his application and avoid a bid;
  • Tell the entire new gTLD industry you exist;
  • Find a financial partner;
  • Find a back-end registry provider;
  • Find a council, a new gTLD consultant or any service provider.
The "new generic Top-Level Domains" group on LinkedIn is the place to be.

Oh, and I forgot something important: it is free.

Monday, December 19, 2011

.SCALE New generic Top-Level Domain?

Dotscale.com is a web site under construction which shows an "Estimated Time Remaining Before Launch" in 133 days.

133 days takes us around May the first 2012, just after the application window has closed and applications are made public.

Many projects won't be made public before ICANN lists them officially so I believe .SCALE could be a new generic Top Level Domain.

Friday, December 16, 2011

How many new gTLD applications?

January the 12 is approaching and many new gTLD applicants will submit ICANN their application(s).

How many applications will there be?

  1. 500 to 1000;
  2. 1000 to 1500;
  3. 1500 to 2000;
  4. 200 to 2500;
  5. More than 2500.
Cast your vote on LinkedIn

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New gTLDs will help endangered languages

Hi recommend checking the UNESCO interactive atlas of the world’s languages in danger and I am happy to see that new generic Top-Level Domains will help save some of these languages.
  • .CAT already exist ;
  • .BZH will probably have the "Breton" language to survive ;
  • "Basque" is vulnerable but there is a .EUS initiative
  • .CORSICA will certainly help the "Corsican" language to develop ;
  • .CHAMPAGNE would definitely help the "Champenois" but note I am not sure it is the language it would help first ;-)
  • .BOURGOGNE will possibly help Burgundian.
  • .CYM, .GAL and .SCOT also exist in other countries.
More here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

.TODAY domain names

It is now possible to pre-apply for .today domain names on the project's totally new web site launched recently: www.dottoday.info

.TODAY's project is an interactive online magazine system which is being introduced ona web page entitled: ".today pre-application policy in 3 easy steps".

The principle is simple: you must find 10 supporters at least on Twitter and Facebook to be able to pre-register for a .today domain name and create your magazine page. Different magazines can be created:
  • Geo-magazines;
  • Social magazines;
  • Lobby magazines;
  • eCommerce magazines;
  • Brand magazines;
  • People magazines and;
  • Mashup magazines.
For more information regarding the concept, you should click here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

pseudo Top-Level Domain

A "pTLD" stands for pseudo Top-Level Domains. According to the definition I found in Wikipedia, these include .bitnet, .csnet, .exit, .i2p, .local, .onion, .oz, .freene and .uucp and have no meaning in the global Domain Name System.

  • You can read more on Wikipedia or;
  • Follow the discussion on LinkedIn (subscription required)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

.LES Top-Level Domain

What the proposed TLD .LES ® is all about: providing everyone LESS of everything they don't want, specifically annoying advertising and high advertising costs across the internet.

Motto is: "Browse MORE Ad LESS™ ".

The concept is to "implement online standards for all the advertising and marketing over new proposed gTLDs in 2012".

Users will be able to browse more with less adds visiting web sites over a simplified network.

.les domain names and AdvertisingStandards.org together, are designed to give all consumers around the world the highest quality online browsing experience while increasing security and download speeds for PC's and mobile devices.

You can read more about the concept on www.advertisingstandards.org

Saturday, December 3, 2011

.TODAY Top-Level Domain

The 3 goals to achieve are:
  1. Re-structure/ reorganize the web, by the introduction of the hierarchically higher .today, name;
  2. Provide a software standard leading to a content focus rather than a technology focus;
  3. Create a collaborative system following human logic, starting from within, from local to global.
Read the entire article on Visitudt.com

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