Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 reasons why Donuts should win all Wine new gTLD applications

Why Donuts Inc should win all wine applications (note this is not a question)

There are 2 reasons why Donuts, applicant for more than 300 Top-Level Domains, should become the official Registry for wine applications.
  • It is not because of the content of its application: There are 3 applicants in total and all of them followed the rules provided by ICANN in its applicant guidebook.
  • It is not because...
Read this article on CircleId.

New gTLDs' wine answers are in ICANN Correspondence

"Hints and solution for the protection of Wine Geographical Indications in the ICANN new gTLD program" is a letter I sent to Fadi Chehadé in April the 3rd.

It was published yesterday in ICANN Correspondence. I wonder why it took so long but it is there. I guess and hope it is because the protection of Wine Geographical Indications is becoming a serious that ICANN wants to consider.

Public comments should open soon.

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