Wednesday, August 22, 2018

ICANN did not approve some .BRAND new gTLDs

The first round of the ICANN new gTLD program officially launched with no real methodology dedicated to ".brand" new gTLD applicants and - early before applying - some service providers (like myself) had no idea what to answer their clients when they asked: "do you mean that all registrars will be allowed to offer my domain names?"

Specification 13
The specification 13 was then created to change that and it became more clear how to differentiate a new gTLD dedicated to selling domain name (like .CLUB) and a .BRAND dedicated to the personal use of a Trademark (also called "dotBrand" new gTLD).

If the official list of the ICANN new gTLD applications does not specify which TLD is a Trademark and which is not, the complete list of specification 13 applications (for Trademarks) can be checked and one will notice that most requests were granted but some were not Approved or Withdrawn.

Not approved
The reason why some Trademarks were not approved is not explained and in many case, it is because the application was withdrawn by the applicant. Some, were not approved but the extension was delegated:
  1. The .POLITIE new gTLD (Police from Netherlands);
  2. The .MOBILY new gTLD;
  3. The .BOOKING new gTLD;
  4. The .OFFICE new gTLD from Microsoft;
  6. The .GOOG new gTLD from Google;
  7. Etc...
No comments
In the process to become eligible for a specification 13 application, the registry has to provide ICANN with an accurate and complete copy of his trademark registration and his request can receive a comment.

Very few comments were sent:
  1. A test was done in May 2014;
  2. A question was asked about the .MAN new gTLD in December 2014;
  3. Nine comments were sent about the .FOOD new gTLD in October 2015.
As of today, this represents 10 comments for a total list of 490 contracted dotBrand new gTLD applications.

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !