Sunday, September 28, 2008

.WINE or .VIN ?

So: “.wine” or “.vin” ?

Who’s going to be the fisrt to launch the .wine?
Want to participate ? Read more on the ICANN participation forum

Should such extension remain in Bordeaux - France: wine’s capital?

Just for Bordeaux, figures are already impressive:
13 000 wine growers,
9 380 vineyards,
400 traders,
160 countries where to export,
130 brokers,
60 cooperatives,
57 AOC,
…and how many brands and famous names...

Now counting worldwide, this is a lot of domain names!

According to the new information available online, the average investment to launch a new TLD is around $500 000 dollars with a non refundable fee of $50 000.

For a price of $20/domain name sold during a Landrush, this represents 25 000 domain names to sell.Did I forget to mention the price of a Sunrise is far higher than a Landrush?And…did I also forget to mention each domain name is to be renewed once a year?
Based on these figures, it should take less than 2 years to reach profitability.

Lucrative isn’t it?

So, is France going to be the first one to INVEST and keep our Cultural “Patrimoine” in the country?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The domain name Far-West with Domain Monster

Sunrise and Landrush are lucrative periods for Registrars. Registering a .ASIA with DOMAIN MONSTER comes with the kind of answers below:

Message sent to Domain Monster support:

Hello, I could not afford to bid more to get so do I get a refund for the price I paid at Domainmonster?

Answer from Domain Monster Customer Services on the 2008/5/23:

Hi Jean
Thank you for choosing
We will refund a credit back to you account. This will be assigned once we have received confirmation from, this should be within the next 24 hrs at which point the credit will be assigned on Monday.

If I can assist you further please let me know.
Kind Rgds, Julian
Customer Support,
Mesh Digital Ltd

Since I had no feed-back... I asked again and received various answers:

I've checked your order, you place the application on 20/02/08. Orders placed at this time are non-refundable as confirmed at the time of your application.
If a domain does go to auction and you don't wish to bid or don't win the auction you would receive a refund for account credit minus an application fee of €4.99 per domain.

Welcome to the domain name Far-west!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The domain name Far-West with ENCIRCA

I recently received a letter, sent September the 3rd, from the Registrar ENCIRCA who is fighting hard to find reasons not to let me become Registrant of a domain name a purchase with their PRO Forwarding service.

According to the .PRO rule (provided by the registry), you can register a .PRO if you provide credentials. The .PRO Forwarding service provided by the Registrar ENCIRCA allows to by-pass the Registry rule and register .PRO without credentials. A very good idea I have to say and highly tolerated by the .PRO registry.

What I find fantastic in their letter to their customers is their knowledge of how it works “behind the scene”:
“As part of the change, upon each new registration and renewal, the registry will be collecting license information from second-level registrants. However, the Registry will not be verifying the data.”

Isn’t it great to learn you can register a .PRO by-passing the registry’s rules?

Well, if you believe it is still time to register a great .PRO domain name, forget about it. Cyber Squatters already found how to by-pass the rules, thank to ENCIRCA and the registry tolerance. Hit Generic domain names and check by yourself:,…And don’t forget, all these Registrants provided credentials to register their domain name according to the Registry.

Welcome to the domain name Far-west!

For you r information I worked at EURid, the .EU registry, during Sunrises and Landrushes.

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