June 2017

New domain name registration volumes: all new gTLD reports were updated by Jean Guillon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The new gTLD info for Tuesday the 16th

Few information on this Tuesday but the long awaited .CLOUD domain name extension opens to all (register here) and a many are promoting this launching. Funny: the owner of a new domain name sells his ".com"; most of the time, the opposite happens.
  1. Blog post: ICANN caused damages;
  2. Must read: a Registry to publish an abuse report;
  3. Owner of a ".consulting" domain name sells his ".com" !
  4. Registry adds 200.000+ domain names in one day?
  5. .CLOUD registers 10,000+ domains in 90 minutes in GA.
  6. Major Brand recovers 2 .XYZ domains in cybersquatting dispute
  7. More coming.
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