Thursday, September 29, 2016

Time for your .GOOGLE new gTLD ?

A few days ago, I received an email for a Google training. I started the registration procedure and stopped when I found out that the training then pointed to a domain name ending in "". The website really look like it is from Google so I checked the domain name in the Whois and found out that it Google. Google acquired it's .GOOGLE new gTLD and I would have felt more comfortable - and not doubtful - if the domain name used had been something like (or anything else ending in ".google").

Banks, to limit phishing, teach their clients to pay attention to where emails come from, and .BRAND new gTLDs were created to increase the trust level an end-user can have in a Trademark. It is exactly what trendsetter bank like BNP PARIBAS is doing with its Trademark. As a client from this bank, I feel much more comfortable dealing with a ".bnpparibas" rather than a ".com" which could belong to anyone.

Apparently, the number of indexed urls ending in ".google" has increased recently and I doubt the examples below are created just to play ;-)

New domain name registration volumes:
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