Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Google is not selling any registry services

We initiated a discussion with the Google team in charge of developing this fantastic tool named Nomulus. Due to my poor English, I had to rephrase my question to make it understandable enough to receive an answer. And I received an answer.

The answer was straight: "Google is not selling any registry services".

We received the message and here is how we understand it at Jovenet Consulting:
  • Google is not selling any registry services "today" (I'll stop with this soon :-);
  • Google offers Nomulus because they want new backend registry service providers to host it on the Google Cloud Platform (this is the offer a we understand it today) and that is enough for Google;
  • Google does not want (yet?) to deal with questions such as: "hey Google, how can I create my domain name extension with you?" This is a very long question to answer and would require to follow-up with potential applicants. Unless we are wrong, Google does not do this and does not meet with such clients who would require meetings before investing so much money.
    Also, the new application process is unknown and we doubt that the ICANN will be able to provide, a strict timeline as when an application is submitted and when it is delegated: the kind of question a client wants to be answered before he pays;
  • Participating in "Round 1" of the ICANN new gTLD program has been a nightmare for many applicants, and "Round 2" should be far easier. Google does not yet see the potential of offering a key-in-hands solution to resellers of such an offer: Law firms, Registrars, future new gTLD applicants with a technical knowledge, new gTLD and domain name consultants, IT departments... Let's hope this changes.
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