Tuesday, July 31, 2018


While updating the CARs new gTLD report, I noticed that the .LAMBORGHINI new gTLD, a dotBrand domain name extension, added a lot more new domain names ending in ".lamborghini". It went from 33 in June to 172 in July: that is a lot for a .BRAND new gTLD.

A new SEO trick
Many trademarks applied for their own domain name extension "to be the first" or just to protect their assets. Some applied to use them and increase the number of websites ending with their personalized domain names.

".lamborghini" domains are indexed in Google
The Lamborghini trademark seems to have a different use of its own domain names. If I was skeptical  about it in the beginning, I now tend to think that using domain names as redirections is better than nothing.

To have the results above to appear in Google, I entered "site:.lamborghini" (without quotations). This is a way to check which domain names are indexed. In the case above, the results show:
  1. Domain names indexed in google and ending in the name of the Lamborghini trademark;
  2. 172 of them.
If that helps generating more backlinks to the official website, that's better than nothing. I suspect that this is the first approach to generate traffic...before the trademark kills the ".com" definitely at some point to redirect it to a .LAMBORGHINI front page.

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