Friday, October 12, 2018

People don't have .FAITH but still go to .CHURCH (with their .BIBLE)

Church-goers dont't have .FAITH so much anymore and .CHRISTMAS does not seem important; but they like a good .WEDDING and still go to .CHURCH with their .BIBLE. See no offence here but today, a .CATHOLIC has an advantage on .ISLAM and the Muslim moral (the .HALAL new gTLD) in the new gTLD world.

The Vatican
The Vatican was pretty much present in the first round of the ICANN new gTLD program: it applied for four Top-Level Domains: .CATHOLIC plus 3 others in 3 different scripts which also mean "catholic": .天主教 - .католик and the .كاثوليك new gTLD.
A use was found for the .CATHOLIC Top-Level Domain and 13 domain names were created (October 2018). Note that no website is visible nor indexed on Google yet using domain names ending in ".catholic" or any of the 3 other scripts. Only websites such as can be accessed at the moment.

Islam and Halal
Very recently, an Independent Review Process (Asia Green IT System vs ICANN) declared, in accordance with Article IV, section 3.21 of the applicable version of the Bylaws, that the Board directs the President and CEO, or his designee(s), that the pending application for .HALAL and the pending application for .ISLAM not proceed. There are domain names ending in ".catholic" but there won't be domain names ending in ".islam".

A few figures
The .FAITH Top-Level domain lost 3,000 registrations in one month but it still has almost 10,000 more domains - for a total of 63,271 registrations - than what it had in the beginning of the year, in January 2018.

Two TLDs keep growing in numbers: the .WEDDING and .CHURCH new gTLDs never lost registrations since January 2018:
  1. 26,700 domain names for .WEDDING
  2. 23,300 for .CHURCH
Is Christmas coming?
The .CHRISTMAS Top-Level Domain lost nearly half of its total registrations since January 2018 and dropped to 1,660 domain names. Will that change in December?

The MORMONs and their .MORMON new gTLD still have not created any or domain names and stick to one single registration. It is the same for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS Church) and its .LDS new gTLD: there is still no use. Wouldn't a be welcome?

The Christian Broadcasting Network
Same here with one single domain name registration. The .CBS Top-Level Domain has a lot of potential to me: the front page shows generic strings such as "shows", "news", "living", "video", "radio", "kids" and "ministries". I would certainly dig in that direction.

Read the report here.

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