Thursday, January 17, 2019

These 2 should change to a .BRAND

I believe that it is important to demonstrate why creating a .BRAND domain name extension makes sense and I found the two (good) examples below.

Group of companies often use different websites and send emails, sometimes a lot. I recently received emails from the two major companies after and, since I trust both, I always feel unsecured when reading them since it is unclear if they really come from them...or not.

The 2 emails received
  1. Facebook sent me an email entitled "Jean, connectez-vous à Facebook en un clic" (translation: "Jean connect to Facebook in one click). I certainly would not click for two reasons:
    1. Why do I receive such email from Facebook, which I don't often use?
    2. The email comes from a domain name ending in "", instead of "" and unfortunately, I am familiar with the second one, not the first one which could be sent from...anybody with the capacity to register a domain name ending in ".com".
  2. Google sent me an email ending in "" instead of "". Again here, I am familiar with the second one but the first one could have been registered by anybody and used for fraudulent activities, trying to make me believe that it comes from Google.
Lack of confidence
In both cases, there is a lack of confidence because the sender is not instantly recognized. Let's imagine that Google operated domain names ending in ".google" and started - for all of its activities - to send emails ending in ".google" and not using multiple different ".com" domain names: wouldn't that increase the level of trust in Google?

I'd say yes.

But wait...there is a ".google" new domain name extension :-)

The SWOT analysis
If sealing emails - and increase trust - is a strong reason to invest and change to a .BRAND new gTLD, there are other reasons: the SWOT analysis studies your personal case figure and will create scenarios of use, created "just for you".

You still have time to prepare your new gTLD application prior to the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program to begin: learning is a first step, "applying" comes second.

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !