Sunday, June 9, 2019

.AMAZON : Special Declaration

During the last meeting of the Andean Presidential Council (Lima-Peru 26 May), ICANN's decision related to Amazon's application to the Top Level Domain .AMAZON was a relevant matter of discussion.

As a result, the Andean Presidents decided to issue a "Special Declaration of the Andean Presidential Council on the use of New Technologies and the TLD .amazon" signed by the Presidents of Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador.

The declaration
In our double condition of Andean and Amazonian countries, we express our deep concern about the recent decision of the Board of Directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), adopted on May 17, which facilitates the delegation of the domain ".amazon" to the company Amazon Inc. under exclusivity, despite the opposition of the countries members of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) and against the recommendation of the Governmental Advisory Committee of the ICANN (GAC) to reach a mutually acceptable solution.
With this decision, ICANN would not only be setting a serious precedent by prioritizing private commercial interests over the considerations of public policy of the States, such as the rights of indigenous peoples and the preservation of the Amazon in favor of Humanity and against global warming; but disregards the Montevideo Declaration of 2013, result of the Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Information Society, whereby the Ministers of Latin America and the Caribbean rejected all the pretension of appropriation, without the due consent of the countries of the region, of the Amazon denomination in any language, as well as of any other top level domain referred to historical, cultural or natural geographical names, which must be preserved as part of its heritage and cultural identity.
In this regard, we express the decision to join efforts to protect the interests of our countries related to geographic or cultural names and the right to cultural identity of indigenous peoples, which could be affected by new technologies, such as top level domains of Internet and where Internet governance had not been developed or instrumented adequately spaces for the defense of public interests against those of private interests, as a new scope of action of the Andean Community.

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