Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The .WANG new gTLD = WTF

Once a month, I edit the "Multiple Registries" new gTLD report: it is dedicated to registries operating five and more domain name extensions. Most operators are famous and we can easily see which is on the right curve and which is not.

This month I noticed that ZODIAC, changed position on my board and gained many places up to the top. The move was noticeable: it went from position eleventh (below 150,000 registrations in total) to position five in my "Top Multiple Registry" report.

Digging a little further, I noticed that one of its registries, the .WANG one, had exactly 146,260 domain names registered in the end of October 2019 and... 920,020 for the end of November, just one month after. It means that 773,760 new domain names were created in one single month.

I requested an explanation to the primary contact of the TLD but my little finger tells me that I won't receive an answer.

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